Reflections on Our Crazy 2020 Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day I sit reflecting on V-Day 2020. Jessi (my daughter) and I were living with my brother and his family, sharing a queen-size bed, and broke AF. It was a sad day as we’d just found out why Jessi’s tax return hadn’t made it to the bank. The Department of Education snatched that … Continue reading Reflections on Our Crazy 2020 Valentine’s Day

Inner-Self Trust

The storms of life hit hard, stirring emotions and leaving us feeling out of control.  Since I posted Precarious, I scramble to find a job situation that doesn’t suck.  My daughter relocates in two weeks to start her new life, so with little time left to gain employment, the walls were closing in, and my … Continue reading Inner-Self Trust


First and foremost, there were so many subjects that I thought helpful, entertaining blogs for you guys, but alas, I haven’t posted in a month. But today, I need to talk things over with a friend.  You see, this week has been a precarious one.  I feel alone and tired.  Once again, I find myself … Continue reading Precarious