April recently changed the name of her Yoga business. She is gearing more towards meditation and mindfulness, focusing more on the mind and dealing with stress. I begin sending her some ideas after she gave me the colors she desired.



After playing around with the above designs, she decided she loved the circle but wanted to use a hypnotic spiral in front of it with a yoga poses in front of it. I played with the design some more with her new specifications.



April loved the typography on the first one. I then placed the spiral over the teal circle and placed a Baddha Konasana pose in front of it. I also included another image with a lighter color circle that would show up better on lighter backgrounds. April was pleased with the results.



My brother is a firefighter with a baking business on the side. His comrades call him the Black Hammer Baker. Loving the name I whipped up a batch an of logos for him.



He simply adored this one.

Black (2)

Here are some others that I am very proud of.




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