You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero

There are so many damn good things to say about this book. It’s funny, inspiring and totally in your face. Jen Sincero is indeed a badass. And so am I and you can be too.


So there she is in all of her bad-assedry! The title alone is catchy and the sub-title lets us know that it’s ok to want to express our greatness to the world. Often times saying and thinking awesome things about ourselves is frowned upon as society is so frightened of being seen as selfish. News flash: acknowledging that you rock at something is not being selfish, it’s being honest. Jen helps us explore why we have limiting thoughts about ourselves, money, our abilities and life itself. Jen is not shy about calling us on our bull-shit. Yes, I said bullshit and so did she. I know right, a self-help book with curse words in it‒total awesomeness!

I purchased the audiobook while I was living in China. I ordered two more copies for a friend and my daughter back in the states after listening to the first chapter. Listening to this book changed my life. And it still does as I cannot tell you how many times I’ve re-listened to this book. I’ve been around the self-help block and this book is my all-time favorite.

Jen encourages us not to only put our good thoughts out there in the universe, but to be specific about what we desire. You will be amazed at how quickly this works. But here’s the caveat; you have to choose to believe that putting positive energy out there in the universe comes back to you. If you don’t, just remember it all works in reverse too. So I’m kinda getting in your face and saying that if your thinkin’ is stinkin’ then you are probably not following Jen’s advice.  Believe me, your mind, body, and soul need this book.

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